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Is fulfillment sending games?

Fulfillment is of course managing the logistics of shipping and distributing games in B2C and B2C. Some people also call this dispatch. And also, it is above all an essential step in the large chain: perhaps even one of the most important. Indeed, a satisfied player is above all a player who has received his game quickly and in perfect condition. And again, it is managing delivery incidents, lost or damaged packages, refusals or addressing errors … And then, it’s a matter of trust and image: between the publisher and the players. This is why we must not leave fulfillment to chance.

passion is the secret

We’re passionate about games, and we act like the shipments are for us. Suffice to say that we are particularly meticulous! It even seems that one of us is a game designer…

Shipping and handling game shipments is not like any other product. Games are fragile products, and players pay attention to the quality of the packages received.

In the world of games, everyone has their expertise: designer (author), graphic designer, illustrator, editor, tester, distributor-wholesaler, retailer in store… and player! Without the players, our profession would not exist. And without logistics, they would not receive their games!

Every customer deserves respect and every package must be pampered. Every day, we prepare and ship packages, but also we monitor their proper delivery, we take care of returns and incidents.

In short, we are pros.

Our clients testify

they like our vision of game fulfillment

"Fast and efficient fulfillment. It's so much more enjoyable!"
Francois Richard
François Richard
"I was able to delegate all the shipping part , and focus on my real job : games."
David Gros Bordier
"Reassuring, you get what you pay for: a small business that has everything a big one!"
Laura Ble
project manager

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