Fulfillment. France & Europe.

Expertise and passion in logistics, shipping and management of game packages to France and Europe.

Sending games is our job

We’re not going to beat around the bush: a satisfied customer is a customer who received his game on time and in perfect condition.

We love this

We love games. We know they need to be taken care of.

nous aimons ça

Technical expertise

We have the experience, dedicated staff, and the right equipment.

Online tracking

For our customers, parcel tracking is of course available.

A good game can see its reputation slaughtered because of poor fulfillment!

Olivier, co-founder

Our fulfillment services

shipping and fulfillment of games to France and Europe

france, om, europe

France, FOT and Europe

We can ship to France including French Overseas Territories, and to all Europe.

suivi en ligne

Online tracking

Each package has a number that allows true online tracking.

service cleint joignable

Reachable customer service

Our team does answer the phone and to emails!

protection pro

Professional Protection

Each game is protected by thick bubble wrap, double corrugated cardboard, and labeled as fragile.

cartons bio-soucés

Organic sourced cartons

Our boxes are all organic-based, recyclable and from 70% minimum recycling channels.

Sécurité et sureté

Security & safety

Our two warehouses are secure, monitored and insured.

gestion des incidents

Incidents management

Change of address, RTS return, refused, damaged... We handle incidents with transparency.



We can store and host your pallets of games.


After sales service

We offer an after-sales service and shipping of spare parts: pawns, cards, boards...

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You can trust our small company!

Le Petit Envoyeur, it’s 5 employees located in France, near Besançon. We are sure that our passion for game and logistic will amaze you.

Game fulfillment is a specific task.
It requires skills, precision and responsability.

Chloé, tracking & LOGISTIcs manager


... this is the moment when you call us for your project 🙂

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